fall  clean up

Have you ever wondered by leaves fall from most trees?  Unlike evergreens and pines, trees shut down their food making factories.  This actually cuts off food and water supply to the leaves.   This is what causes the leaves to fall off the trees.  Believe it or not, trees are saving their energy through this process before winter.  They do this so that they can live off the stored energy until spring.  


The leaves have beautiful colors, and when they first fall, they'e so crisp and light, and fun to play in, but they can do damage to your gutters if you don't clean them out before the snow.  It's nice to see everybody in the neighborhood work together, and the leaf bags all lined up on each persons properties.   So what about the bushes?  Should the hedges be cut even though they're just going to be covered with snow, any how!


Well, shaping your trees and bushes are for astethic purposes, so if you are decorating the outside, or plan to entertain, it's recommended, but to each his own!