Hi!  I'm Justine Williams


So glad you stopped by.


There are so many things I enjoy doing, most of which began as a chore, just kidding!


Out of all the things I love to do, I would say that I get the most satisfaction out of writing - that's right.  Maybe because I don't like being, "Mis-understood!"


I'm a wife of 37 years, mother of 13, and grandmother of 17, and I am more excited about my life today then all the years I've lived so far.   That's a tough statement, but all it means is that, with all that I've accomplished, I'm still not done, and I am very excited about what God has planned for me to do next.


I've worked hard all my life, but today I'm experiencing what it's like to have "ME" time!  So what am I doing with this time?  I'm cultivating gifts, talents, and abilities.  I told you, God's not done with me yet, and I need to be ready for my next assignment.


I'm a worker, that's just who I am!



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