I'm Justine Williams, The Domestic Diva, and I'm so glad you stopped by to visit. 


This website is all about family living, culture, traditions, upbringing, faith, business, relationships, parenting styles, marriage, and issues... because we all have them.

After years of knowing that I would write a book, I finally did, in 2013 wrote my first children's book, "Nobody Likes Me: What Am I Doing Wrong?" available on Amazon.


I am currently working on my Surviving Motherhood Series and Volume One will launch during Mother's Day and will be available soon after. 


Because I love writing so much, I started my own company, Journals Jewels and Journeys Publishing (JJJ Publishing), and I will be featuring all the books I write and in addition to Amazon and bookstores, they will be available here as well, so I will keep you updated.


Everything I do in life as a wife and through "Motherhood," is shaping me to become the best version of myself and this is what you will experience in my interactive autobiographical manual  which allows the reader to take part in the journey.


After decades of not having "ME Time," I'm enjoying it now as well as having more opportunities to cultivate gifts, talents, and abilities as a Domestic DIVA, (Diligent In Virtuous Attributes).