My  Journals,  Jewels, and  Journeys


Holding to the value and importance of being a wife and mother, I adopted the title of a Domestic Engineer 38 years ago when I found that it had described me best in my most prominent role at the time.  

Today, however, and for the past 15 years, I've found a more suitable title, "The Domestic Diva." 


This title in all of its flare allows the opportunity for more growth and development as I graduate and ascend to become the best version of myself, but what I love most is the meaning... D.I.V.A. Diligent In Virtuous Attributes.

When I feel lost or confused, my goal is to find north.  North for me leads to God, and my faith and belief in Him is unwavering.  In other words, I am imperfect and he is perfect, so we work well together because when I am weak, He is strong - and I depend on Him.


In reference to Motherhood, my marriage to my high school sweetheart and for 42 years, has made raising our 13 children a joy.  I didn't have to do it alone, and his presence and partnership have made the difference in the outcome every step of the way.  Raising children is never easy, just look at yourself in the mirror and see how much work you are... now do the math!

Love is the foundation, base, and most important ingredient families need to survive, but understanding is what helps us build and maintain. 

This method is the fuel that drives me to press through crisis, adversity, and opposition.   


Because raising children and developing a good marriage involves priority and focus.  This is why I've always strived to be level, steady, and grounded. 

Motherhood today is becoming...   an expression of my overall creativity, self-worth, philosophy, and belief.



My Life, Always A Journey

The Domestic               Diva

I didn't know what I wanted to be growing up, but one thing I loved to do was teach.  What was once a pastime, something I did, role-playing with my dolls as a little girl, became a reality in 1990 when I became a homeschool mom.



I graduated from business school in 1984, then went straight to New York School of Interior Design in 1986;  After enrolling my children in public school briefly in 2002, I became PTA president for that year then gave it up to go back to homeschooling.


In 2006 I participated in the Mrs. New York America Pageant as Contestant #9, instructed a scrapbooking class for 2 years at AC Moore, and then became a first-time author of a children's book in 2013.  This is when I discovered my love for writing.


The inspiration came unexpectedly while I listened in on a conversation between my sons as I wrestled with whether or not I should intervene.   


it was intriguing to me... so I grabbed a napkin and a pen and wrote a similar story.  


For years I thought about writing and expected it to happen once I had a quiet place - but that was not at all how it was.   It happened while I was preparing dinner with all four burners going and within twenty minutes I gave birth to a dream, "Nobody Likes Me: What Am I Doing Wrong?" and, within the time it would have taken her to settle a matter between siblings.


In the end, a fictional account of a real-life situation was conceived and what was once a dull, "Poor Me," subject, became a hot topic among both adults and children alike! 

Contestant # 9, Mrs. New York America Pageant