My  Journals,  Jewels, and  Journey

The Domestic            Diva


Holding to the value and importance of being a wife and mother, a Domestic Engineer is what describes her best, and what she once expressed to be her most prominent role.


She married her high school sweet  heart and they now have 13 biological children ages 14 to thirty-six.


Reminded that parenting isn't for the faint-hearted, she continued to press through adversity and opposition to keep her children a priorty while in pursuit of her dream.  Her idea of success is over-coming the obstacles of life.


Writing became the tool she used to organize her life on paper and express her over all creativity.



Growing up, caring for children was her favorite past-time, so when she had her own, she put practice into place.  


She was passionate about teaching, so through a chain of unexpected events, in 1990, she was able to merge the two she when she became a home-school mom - providing instruction to her children while managing a flooring business in partnership with her husband.


Today, she is the grandmother of seventeen - 9 granddaughters and 8 grandsons from just six of her 13 children.



Contestant # 9, Mrs. New York America Pageant






















Justine's journey transitioned from a business school graduate in 1984 to an interior design student in 1986; and from PTA president in 2002, to a Mrs. New York America Pageant contestant in 2006; then a Scrapbooking instructor in 2009, to a first-time Author of a children's book in 2013.


The inspiration to write her first book came unexpectedly while she listened in on a conversation between her sons.  It gave her an idea, and rather than break up their conversation, she took out her pen and paper and began to write.  For years she thought that her first children's book would come from a quiet place - but it happened while she was preparing dinner with all four burners going.


Within twenty minutes she gave birth to her dream, "Nobody Like Me: What Am I Doing Wrong?" and, within the time it would have taken her to settle a matter between siblings.  In the end, a fictionl account of a real life situation was conceived. 


What was once a dull, poor me subject, became a hot topic among both adults and children. 



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